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Small Space Landscaping

“What should I do to add color to the front of my house?” How many times have you thought that, or something similar? Often the front porch is an area of your landscaping that gets overlooked for any number of reasons. I am sure that you just thought of a few while reading that sentence. There […]

Beat the Heat


It may only be the middle of May and the temperatures outside feel like early spring, but those high temperatures will be here before you know it!! Recently Business Wire published an article about America’s love affair with their back yard. With the advent of the “stay-cation” and increased cost of travel, America is turning […]

Enjoy your Yard at Night

When you look out your windows into your back yard at night what do you see?? Is it something like this? Would you like it to look more like this? The path to success is easy…. With the vast array of lighting choices available now the possibilities are virtually endless. From low cost plastic fixtures […]

Are you Ready for Summer?

outdoor kitchen with grill, fridge and sink

With a little planning you and your yard can be ready for the fun gatherings that are sure to be here before you know it. Capital Landscape can help you take you yard from shabby to chic in no time!!! With a management team that has almost half a century of experience as a landscape contractor in Roseville, […]