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One way to create an oasis for relaxation and escape in your backyard is by incorporating a backyard spa or hot tub in your landscape design. Capital Landscape recently showcased a stunning hot tub landscape concept design in one of Capital Backyards showrooms.

Capital Landscape Designs In-House Showroom for California Backyard

Hot tubs have been around for centuries, providing both relaxation and therapeutic benefits. Bath houses and natural thermal springs have been used over the years for hydrotherapy. The heat from hot tubs improves blood circulation in the body and the buoyancy of the water reduces the gravitational effect, removing pressure from body joints. As a result, hot tubs are fantastic for alleviating many health issues such as fibromyalgia, leg cramps, lower back pain, arthritis, sleeplessness and other ailments.

Jacuzzi on Stage in Roseville, CA

We recommend installing a hot tub or spa in your backyard if space and budget permits. Our showcase incorporated a partially recessed hot tub installed on a raised wooden deck with about four steps for easy access. Our design experts decided on a partially recessed hot tub so that it is less of a distraction in the space and does not block the view of other backyard elements. Wood is a great choice for the deck as it adds a warm, natural effect to the space.

The Details Mean Everything

Accessorizing is a big must in any great backyard design. In this showcase, we used decorative lamps placed next to the hot tub. Other decor pieces you might want to consider to accent the space include soft lighting and candles, which helps create a romantic mood.

Landscape Design Showroom – The Bar

You also want your backyard to be functional as well. That is why we created a bar area for dining right next to the Jacuzzi brand hot tub. A couple of feet away, an outdoor grill is added that serves as a mini-kitchen area. This way, you can cook and enjoy a good meal with your family and friends without having to go back and forth between your indoor kitchen and your outdoor space.

Beautiful Outdoor Furniture

A lounging area with beautiful outdoor furniture creates a space where you can hang out with and entertain family and guests. This extends the living space of your home and is a perfect area for hosting a small party.

Add color with a Raised Garden Bad and Custom Decking

One important aspect of designing a backyard is incorporating the right plants throughout the landscape. Here, we placed a raised garden bed made of stone next to the wooden deck, planting green shrubs in the bed. Stone is a fantastic choice for the raised bed as it gives a natural look to the hot tub area. Throughout the landscape design, we incorporated potted plants with colorful, flagrant plants to add some flair to the space. We used pots with bold hues like deep blue to add some color to the backyard. A lush miniature golf course is not only great for putting with friends and family but the healthy turf adds beautiful greenery to the space. We created a mini focal point in the space using a large piece of rock surrounded by a sea of smaller stones. This rock and stone centerpiece is a great addition as it adds some style and character to the space.

The design ideas for backyard spaces is truly limitless

Our showroom display is only one of the many possible design concepts available for incorporating a hot tub into your landscape design. You can also consider using shade structures for protection from the sun, especially during scorching summer months. A fireplace or a fire pit is a fantastic addition for those cold winter nights. For privacy, consider adding a decorative screen or bamboo fence around the hot tub area to block off the outside world and really create your sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation.

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Feeling overwhelmed by all the possible hot tub landscape design choices? Contact Capital Landscape to discuss all your available options. We are located in Roseville and cater to Sacramento and its surrounding areas including El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Rancho Cordova and many more! We will work with you in designing and creating the perfect outdoor haven for your backyard. The professional landscape designers at Capital Landscape will custom design and successfully execute a hot tub landscape design to match your unique style and needs, working within your budget. Call us today!