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Sacramento Landscaping: Recommended Evergreen Shrubs & Trees

There are many different strategies to create an amazing landscape. Some people import everything from other countries and do whatever it takes to make their vision a reality. These types of landscapes may be more in line with how you pictured your property, but may require more upkeep because they are not native to the […]

Sacramento Landscaping: Considering Zones

northern california sunset zone map

There are two zone maps to consider when planning your Sacramento landscape: the USDA  hardiness zone and the Sunset climate zone. USDA Zone Map The USDA zone map is based off of winter low temperatures. As you can see from the map, zone 9 dominates the Sacramento area.   Plants recommended for zone 9 should […]

Winter Prep Tips

Fall is finally here and we’d like to offer some tips to help you get your yard ready for the colder weather that,  SHOULD be here soon. Below are 10 easy things that will help your landscaping look better when March and April come around. They are in no particular order; do one or do […]

Beautiful Bulb Gardens: 10 Tips

The first spring bulb catalog just arrived!!!!!! Sooooo excited……. Ok, now that I have had a chance to compose myself, did you know October and early November are the best months to plant spring flowering bulbs in the Sacramento area? Bulbs are a great way to get a big bang for your buck when landscaping […]

Green Water!


Why is the water green? You have performed the spring clean-up of your pond, cleaned the filters and a few weeks later the pond is green and filled with algae. There are several things that cause the over abundance of small algae and plankton that will cause your pond to become green! Whenever there is […]