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Why Go Drought Tolerant?

Water Conservation in Sacramento Drought tolerant landscaping options are becoming more and more popular in the Sacramento area. Sure, lake Folsom is lower than ever and we haven’t had rain since who knows when but does that really mean you need to rearrange your Roseville landscape? Going drought tolerant can actually have some awesome benefits […]

Beginning to Bloom: Perennials

Roseville Landscape Highlights: Blooming Perennials Perennials are great landscape focal points because they provide flowering and greenery for the majority of the spring, summer, and autumn. These luscious plants are wonderful to both look at and to enjoy as a reliable plant for the year long. Perennials generally go dormant at the ground for the […]

Spring Fertilization

impatiens shade plants zone 9 sacramento

Introduction to Fertilizing a Roseville Landscape Fertilization of your landscape can be an important means of keeping it alive and fresh all year round. Fertilization is an excellent way to maintain your beautiful and lush turf without having to use replacements. For your landscape design, you may want to choose an option that promotes lawn […]

Clean Up That Lawn

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Picking up your Roseville Landscape Cleaning up your landscaping is more necessary now than ever. With the Roseville winter winds blowing your dying plant bits all over your yard and the off-season for lawn care and general tree maintenance, you’ve likely let your general landscape slip. It’s not that it’s unmanageable it’s that you likely […]

Landscape Lighting for Your Sacramento Home

Extra Dash Getting ready for spring doesn’t have to mean you are stuck doing lots of grunt work. It could also mean you get to spruce up your Sacramento Landscape more than ever before. You can readjust your home with some new little highlights to brighten up the day. This could be anything from adding […]

Beginning To Bloom: Pruning Roses 101

Winter pruning is the most important part of care for your roses all year long. January and February are the best months of the year to remove dead branches and prune your roses in preparation for spring. This post will talk about all the essentials in rose pruning from when, where, and how to prune […]

Beginning to Bloom: Maintenance Matters

Why should you do Maintenance for your Roseville Landscape? Image matters. When someone walks up to your home, the look around at your landscape design and it says a lot about who you are to them. Is it well kept? Is there a special flair? Do you need to mow? Taking pride in your home […]

Beginning to Bloom- Pick new flowers

Drought Resistant Flowers in Sacramento The Purpose of Replanting for your Roseville Landscape Because of record lows in rainfall this year there will likely be city-wide limits on outdoor watering. This means if you’re looking for a beautiful backyard with tons of brilliant colors then you must plant with drought resistance in mind. With such […]

Planning Drainage before April Showers

Understanding how to work with the weather and rain patterns of your local environment can have long-lasting effects on the health of your Sacramento landscape design. Part of preparing your lawn for the coming spring is planning on how to properly drain and control flooding or pooling in your backyard. Why does your Roseville landscape […]

Beginning to Bloom: Remodel or Repair Sacramento Landscape

What’s What? January is the month of remodeling. We are preparing our Roseville landscapes to bloom this spring and part of that process just might be a total renovation for your landscape design. However, you may just be on the hunt to repair a few little places around your backyard due to overuse and age. […]