Top 3 Ornamental Vegetable Landscaping Ideas

The idea of an edible landscape is appealing to many, because it’s a landscape that will: Save you money. Provide hours of gardening fun. Help you eat healthier. There is genuinely nothing as healthy as fruits and vegetables straight from the ground, as most lose their key nutrients right away after exposure to the air […]

Elverta Landscaping – Finding a Landscaper for Your Elverta Home

Elverta may not be the largest city in Sacramento County, but it is still a very popular area for landscaping. Many of the homes in Elverta sit on large amounts of land, and because there are no hills or water, that land can easily be landscaped and an incredible design created. Capital Landscape has a […]

Tips for Landscaping Older Homes

Landscaping knows no boundaries, and so whether you’re landscaping a small house built by hand or a multimillion dollar mansion, a quality landscape can add to the look of your property and the value of your home. But every home has its own unique strategies and challenges. For example, you wouldn’t want an externally modern […]

Roseville Front Yard Landscaping Sample – Capital Landscape Completed Property

At Capital Landscape, we have built over 20,000 yards in our 30+ years of business. We’re going to make it a goal from now on to highlight some of those creations, so that you can see why Capital Landscape is such a great choice for your landscape design needs. Here we have a front yard […]

3 Popular Landscaping Ideas for Small Front Yards

Many homeowners in Sacramento find that they have big landscaping ideas, but a small front yard. Space limitations can hurt your ability to create the landscape of your dreams, but with the right landscaping strategies a small yard can be a great canvas for a beautiful new landscape design. With a little planning and a […]

Types of Paver Stones and Their Benefits/Weaknesses

Paver stones are a popular form of hardscape. They give your landscape a considerable amount of character, and add to the look of your landscape without requiring extra maintenance or care. But before you select paver stones, you need to make sure you’re choosing one that’s right for your needs. In many cases, you and […]

Benefits and Weaknesses of Non-Native Plants

When discussing plant choices, you’ll have the option to choose between both native plants and non-native plants in your landscape design. By “native,” we are talking about plants that are native to California – possibly even the Greater Sacramento area. Non-native plants are any plants that originated somewhere else in the world, that would not […]

Capital Landscape | An El Dorado Hills Paving Company

Paving is one of the best ways to get the most from your landscape. Your El Dorado Hills pavers give you the opportunity to add beautiful new architecture to your landscape and give it a lot more character. Your pavers can add detail and value to: Your driveway Your walkway Your pool Your patio and more […]