Beautiful Bulb Gardens: 10 Tips

The first spring bulb catalog just arrived!!!!!! Sooooo excited……. Ok, now that I have had a chance to compose myself, did you know October and early November are the best months to plant spring flowering bulbs in the Sacramento area? Bulbs are a great way to get a big bang for your buck when landscaping […]

“Stay-cation” Eats!

burgers on the grill

You have started your “go green” work, designed your perfect outdoor living space, planted and tended to your garden.  Now it’s time to reap the benefits!!!!! Take a little time to enjoy all of your hard work. The kiddos are back in school and sports are starting, the weather is cooling off, so there is […]

Save Big on your Grocery Bill!!

Landscaping in Sacramento does not always make you think of lowering your grocery bill, but it can definitely make a difference. Many great fruits and veggies grow really well in the Sacramento area. You do not have to dedicate a lot of your yard to growing your garden. With a small raised planter or a […]

“Green” Sacramento Landscaping


Subtly Going Green: Easy Means to Becoming Environmentally Friendly Everywhere you look, companies are promoting the “green movement.” Green isn’t a bad idea, but people don’t want to invest the time or money needed. Not to mention, does anybody really know what “going green” means? I mean really?  Don’t worry I’m no saint. I use too much water, don’t recycle […]

Landscape Design Tips

It takes time and planning to create a landscape that requires little time and money to maintain. Invest early in planning and structures, and you will pay (and work) less later. Choose structures, plants, ground-coverings, and systems that will help to reduce watering, weeding, tree trimming, painting, and mowing. Consider your available time. Determine how […]

5 Common Mistakes in Sacramento Landscape Design

We have discussed the need for a plan when making changes to your landscaping. However, just because you have a plan does not mean that you are going to avoid all of the mistakes that can pop up when, and even after, you complete a landscape renovation. Here are a few of the most common mistakes […]

How to Pick a Landscape Designer

Hiring a landscape designer to create the garden of your dreams can be almost as exciting as finding and buying the house of your dreams. Search for a designer, and you will quickly find that the professionals vary dramatically in experience, methods, and personal style. Because your landscape and home are a reflection of you, […]

Create a Backyard Focal Point

My back yard looks ok. How many times have you told yourself that? Is ok really good enough? You can transform your backyard landscaping without breaking the bank or your back. Check out some of these fun ideas. With just a few hours of work and a little bit of sweat (better than having to […]

Green Water!


Why is the water green? You have performed the spring clean-up of your pond, cleaned the filters and a few weeks later the pond is green and filled with algae. There are several things that cause the over abundance of small algae and plankton that will cause your pond to become green! Whenever there is […]

July is “Smart Irrigation Month”

Well, maybe California is not one of the four states (Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado and Oklahoma) that recognize Smart Irrigation month, but I would like to think that is because in California we consider every day an opportunity to increase water efficiency. With most of the country suffering from drought conditions if you have not […]